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Nearby places from Puri

You can hire a tourist cab to visit some places. There is one famous Golden Triangle Tour comprising Puri-Konark-Bhubaneswar by tourist buses. The following list is not part of that tour. It is mere mention go some famous places around Puri.

Raghurajpur (The Haritage Village):


Just 12 Km from Puri. Just only 100 homes in this small village but the art work patta chitra , tassar silk,Stone work, Miniature painting, palm leaf pieces are exquisite and you can spend 1day easily here.I suggest to visit each home as you will find different art expertise & different things.

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Pipili ( The village famous for handloom and handicrafts)


40kms from Puri. its a small village.You can buy a lot of interesting stuff like umbrellas, show pieces, paintings, ladies purse, sling bags etc.You can witness color riots in all corners of the town. The cloth for wall decor, the wooden toys, the hand bags, the wall hangings.. all at very reasonable prices! You feel tempted to buy each and every item on display.

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Chilika (The water lagoon)


It is Asia's largest brackish water lagoon. once you reach there first book a boat,because boats are booked in group and once there are sufficient numbers are visitors are available the boat driver will start his boat.You will get to see lots of birds here. Visit the island in the middle of the lake. The island has a temple dedicated to Goddess Kalijai who is a manifestation of Goddess Kali. If you are lucky may spot some dolphins.

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Alarnatha Temple


Situated on a hilltop called Brahmagiri, the Alarnatha Temple in Puri is famous religious place among Krishna devotees.According to Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma worshipped Lord Vishnu here in Satya Yug and thus the place was named ‘Brahmagiri’ which means Brahma’s hill. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, worshipped as Lord Alarnath, with four arms holding shankha, chakra, gada, and padma in each hand. The festival of Chandan Yatra is celebrated for 21 days every year at the lake behind the temple.

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The Konark Sun Temple (also spelled )


35kms from Puri, is a 13th-century Hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God. Shaped like a giant chariot, the temple is known for the exquisite stone carvings that cover the entire structure. It is World Heritage Site since 1984.The Sun Temple at Konarak was built in about 1250 AD by the East Ganga king Narasimhadeva. It is thought he built the temple to commemorate military successes against Muslim invaders.

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Baliharachandi Beach


10kms from Puri: It’s a kind of picnic spot for families for locals. The beach is clean, away from rush. Experience the calm and peaceful environment with only sounds of sea waves. Also known as lover’s beach.Situated at the mouth of Nuanai River, the spectacle of the calm river flowing into the Bay of Bengal.

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Daringibadi is a hill station in Odisha state of eastern India. It is widely known as "Kashmir of Odisha", situated at a height of 915 m in Kandhmal district,the place is gifted with natural bounties including pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. Daringbadi is set in a beautiful spot surrounded by thick rain forests with wild animals, and is an ideal summer resort.

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Bhubaneshwar, the bustling city of is the capital of Odisha and is most famous for its architecture and ancient temples. It is also a Buddhist and Hindu pilgrimage centre.The city and this temple form an integral part of the Golden Triangle that includes the holy city of Puri (Jagannath Temple) and Konark (Sun temple).Designed by a German architect, Otto Konigsberger, Bhubaneshwar was one of the first planned cities of India along with Jamshedpur and Chandigarh.

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